Young people make everyday peace a reality in the Philippines

A few in the crowd of around 500 mostly young people bopped their heads or listened intently as Dong Abay sang his new song, ‘Kalinaw’, which means peace in Bisaya.

"I was very happy and excited to perform in front of this crowd," Abay later said backstage at the Concert for Peace organised by International Alert on 23 September in Quezon City, the Philippines, to celebrate the International Day of Peace. The song is a call for everyone to make everyday peace a reality. It is hard-hitting rock and roll, but bright, buoyant and hopeful. His unique wit and his commentary on everyday realities hit listeners right in the gut. Everyone gets what he is singing about, his message clear and accessible.
Abay rose to rock stardom in the mid-90s with his group Yano and Pan. His thoughtful songwriting proves that music has the power to break down barriers and apathy. Abay, who collaborated with us on this year’s celebration of the International Day of Peace, shared that ‘Kalinaw’ "is actually one of the most difficult songs I had to write … It made me reflect on the everyday decisions I make that are peaceful not just for me but, hopefully, also the larger community." The song celebrates the beauty of every day: "Araw sa umaga/ O kay ganda!/ Bughaw na langit/ Bughaw na dagat" "Sun in the morning/ O how lovely!/ Blue sky/ Blue sea" It urges peaceful acts as a response to the daily battles that everyone faces: "Sa araw-araw na digmaan/ Araw-arawin din/ Ang kapayapaan/ Sa sandaigdigan/ Araw-arawin natin/ Ang kapayapaan, ang kapayapaan" "If there’s war every day/ Let’s have peace every day as well/ In the whole world, every day/ Let’s have peace, let’s have peace"
@EverydayPeace - there's an app for that
‘Kalinaw’ is the signature song of our #EverydayPeace campaign in the Philippines , which promotes everyday acts of peace. The technology-based campaign is anchored on a free mobile app of the same name, which was launched during the concert. The idea is to create a safe space for a community of everyday peacebuilders where they can share stories of daily acts of peace through photos and videos, learn why violence persists through curated infographics, and act with others through shared initiatives. The @EverydayPeace app was developed by Hubert Ursua, who won the 2016 #PeaceHackPH, our software development competition that brought together programmers and peacebuilders to advance innovative ways that address conflict issues in communities.


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We work with people directly affected by conflict to build lasting peace. Together, we believe peace is within our power.

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