Partnerships in conflict

How violent conflict impacts local civil society and how international partners respond


Violent conflict destroys, disrupts and reshapes relationships across society. Despite many years of working in partnership, international organisations often do not sufficiently understand how violent conflict affects local and national civil society organisations (CSOs) and how their own actions (e.g. decisions about which groups to partner with and the terms of partnership, which geographical areas to work in and what activities to focus on) affect the prospects for sustainable peace, security and development.
International actors increasingly work in violently contested territories and rely on national or local CSOs to reach conflict-affected communities. As support for the localisation agenda and the Charter for Change grows, partnerships in conflict settings will be increasingly common and vital to ensure that life-saving resources reach the people who need them most.

Authored By

Monica Stephen Elizabeth Drew (Myanmar)
Christina Ellis (DRC)
Rabia Nusrat (Afghanistan)

ISBN: 978-1-7874
Language: English
Pages: 56
Released Nov 20,2017 at 6:41 PM
Download: RESTful_Best_Practices-v1_1.pdf


We work with people directly affected by conflict to build lasting peace. Together, we believe peace is within our power.

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